Part 1: Introduction to Sustainable Societies


1. Education for Sustainable Development Video

Introduces the concepts of sustainability and sustainable development (To view video right click on center of  image after music starts. To end video, click on Activities in left hand menu.)

2. Introductions

Instructor and students introduce themselves and the sustainability issue they are most concerned about

3. Sustainability Issues Pre-Test

Students are tested on twenty-five critical sustainability issues

4. Sustainable Societies in Africa: Modules on Education for Sustainable Development Handout

Students receive the course textbook, CD or website reference to review

5. Sustainability Game

Students play a game that demonstrates to them the personal importance of making sustainable decisions in real life

6. Sustainable Societies in Africa: Modules on Education for Sustainable Development Preview

Instructor previews the student materials, course schedule, requirements, and expectations and explains how the course will use a learner-centered approach as opposed to a traditional lecture format

Core Reading:

  1. Sustainable Societies in Africa: Modules on Education for Sustainable Development

7. The State of Sustainable Development in Africa

A brief overview of sustainability issues in Africa

Core Reading:

  1. Africa Environmental Outlook 2, Chapter 3: Land, pages 78-83
    Provides an overview of Africa’s environmental resources and discusses the various ways they can be valued

  2. Africa Environmental Outlook 2, Chapter 1: The Human Dimension,
    pages 2-5
    Introduces the importance of human and environmental interactions

  3. Africa Environmental Outlook 2, Chapter 8: Interlinkages: The Environment and Policy Web, pages 262-265
    Explains the concept of issue interrelationships with examples to show why considering interrelationships is important

  4. “Is the Future Yours” Youth Survey
    Results of a UN survey on youth opinions on the state of the environment and need for action (3 pages)

  5. “What can you do” Youth Survey Checklist
    A list of positive actions for each individual to live a more sustainable lifestyle
    (1 page)

Supplemental Reading:

  1. Africa Environmental Outlook 2, Chapter 1: The Human Dimension
    Discusses the various ways in which sustainable development is vital for human wellbeing and progress

8. Principles of Sustainable Development

Introduction to the principles of sustainable development

Core Reading:

  1. What is Sustainable Development?
    Definitions of sustainable development including a diagram, Environmental Ethics and ESD Stakeholders (2 pages)
  2. Education and Sustainable Development
    Presents the rationale and relevance of Education for Sustainable Development in Africa (2 pages)
  3. Principles of Sustainable Development
    Outlines the principles of sustainable development as defined by the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development
  4. The Earth Charter
    A declaration of fundamental principles for building a just, sustainable, and peaceful global society for the 21st century
    (5 pages)

9. Voices on Achieving Sustainable Development

Well-known Africans speak about the need for more intelligent approaches to social, economic, and environmental problems

Core Reading:

  1. Africa’s Challenges by Wangari Maathai
    Comments about the rights of future generations

  2. Butterfly by Chinua Achebe
    The risks to what we have from what we want

  3. In a few Decades by Wangari Maathai
    Recognizing our future priorities now

  4. The Most Reverend Desmond M Tutu on Ethical Globalization
    Spreading needs in an equitable manner

  5. Amoako Speech on Technology and African Development
    Biotechnology and communications technology as the keys to African development

10. Explanation of the Final Student Project

Review of the requirements of the final project and how students may begin to prepare for it are outlined