Part 1: Introduction to Sustainable Societies

8. Principles of Sustainable Development

Introduction to the principles of sustainable development


      • Assign core reading
      • Select Discussion Questions to lead class discussion

In Class

Lead a discussion on the assigned readings by asking students questions such as:

      • Is it possible for all people to live a healthy and productive life in harmony with nature?
      • Should we live in a way that we believe will not undermine the development and environment needs of present and future generations? Can all of us do this?
      • What problems do you foresee between issues of national sovereignty and achieving sustainable development? What needs to happen in this regard in order to reach sustainability goals?
      • What are the advantages and disadvantages of addressing sustainability through national political cooperation versus worldwide regulation?
      • What should developed countries do to help achieve sustainable development?
      • What should developing countries do to help achieve sustainable development?