Part 1: Introduction to Sustainable Societies

1. Video: Introduction to Education for Sustainable Development

Introduces the concepts of sustainability and sustainable development


      • Have classroom monitor or projector prepared to display video clip

In Class

      • Welcome students to class and introduce yourself.
      • Inform the students that sustainable development is a new and important but unfamiliar concept to most, and that this class will help students to understand and use it. The video they will see will introduce to them to both the purpose for this course and sustainable development. Encourage the students to listen closely to what is said in the video and to be prepared to discuss what it means to them.
      • On a classroom wall, monitor or projection screen, play the Education for Sustainable Development Video. The narration is by Akpezi Ogbuigwe, Head of Environmental Education and Training, Division of Environmental Policy Implementation, United Nations Environmental Programme. Viewing the video as an html file, using an Internet browser such as Internet Explorer, is recommended. To do this, wait until the background and all four of the pictures have loaded, click your mouse on the inside of the page, and press “Enter.” If you have trouble, be sure you have allowed your Internet browser to run active content such as script and ActiveX controls.