Part 1: Introduction to Sustainable Societies

7. The State of Sustainable Development in Africa

A brief overview of sustainability issues in Africa


      • Assign readings from AEO and prepare discussion questions
      • Remember that you may have a diverse group of students from very different backgrounds in your class. Some may have no prior knowledge of, for example, the field of environment, and there may be the need to introduce some complex concepts through experiences relevant to the studentsí lives.

In Class

Lead a discussion on the assigned readings by asking students questions such as:

      • Why is environmental health necessary for the alleviation of poverty?
      • Why must Africa pay attention to the role it plays in globalization?
      • Why is land important to human social and economic development?
      • What is the difference between use and non-use values? What are some examples of these two types of values?
      • What values do mountains, wetlands, and deserts provide?
      • How can the negative impact of population increases on the environment be mitigated?
      • Why does an interlinkages approach to African challenges maximize social, economic, and environmental opportunities?
      • How does deforestation impact the natural environment and human well-being?
      • How does working with different knowledge systems help us deal with various sustainability challenges?