Part 2: Issues in Sustainable Development

Oceans and Seas (review)

SummaryOceans and Seas

Overfishing is a classic example of overuse of public resources. Fish stocks in African coastal waters and across the world are declining, because too many fishermen are harvesting at unsustainable rates.

Main Idea

Sustainable limits

Key Concepts

      • Overfishing


Knowledge of

      • threats to oceans and seas resources

Understanding of

      • the value of mangrove forests and coral reef ecosystems
      • the state of African fisheries
      • the value of fisheries in trade

Ability to

      • describe the growing importance of aquaculture

Core Readings

  1. Africa Environment Outlook 2, Chapter 5: Coastal and Marine Environment: “Sub-Regional Overviews,” pages 165-191
    Sub-regional overviews (27 pages; approximately 2 pages each)
  2. Fisheries
    Graphs and key statistics on global production (3 pages)

Sustainability Strategies

  1. Lake Manzala Leads the Way in Engineered Wetlands Technology
    Using treated water for irrigation, agriculture, fish farming and various support services to improve water quality (1 page)

Supplemental Readings

  1. Over-fishing
    Overview of global trends including depletion of commercial fish stocks through over-exploitation, high percentage of by-catch, destructive fishing practices, dangers of aquaculture, bioengineered fish invading; root causes are inadequate; statistics and poverty; calls for quotas and other limits (15 pages)
  2. Aquaculture
    Summarizes growth in aquaculture since late 1980s (2 pages)

Assignment Questions

  1. Oceans &Seas: Characterize the trend in fish catches in your region. What factors are driving this trend?