Part 3: Case Study

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In Part 2, you explored and discussed the wide variety of sustainability issues in Africa, presented, analyzed, and critiqued typically brief Sustainability Strategies, and began to build your strategy for your Part 4 community application project.

In Part 3, you move from understanding individual issues and evaluating strategies for addressing one or a few issues, to evaluating and critiquing a sophisticated strategy that is tackling many interrelated issues. The Case Study in Part 3 involves multiple sustainability issues and demonstrates how an integrated strategy to address the issues was developed and put into action. You will explore the Case Study’s social, economic, and environmental costs and benefits in detail.
The objective of Part 3 is to strengthen your understanding of how issues interrelate and your understanding of strategy integration—how to build strategies that tackle multiple issues at the same time. This will strengthen your ability to apply what you have been learning in Parts 1 and 2 and finalize your preparation for your principal activity in Part 4—completing the design of your Part 4 community application project.

By examining a case study in depth, the many ways sustainability issues are related in both the challenges they pose and the possible solutions they can offer are exposed. The case demonstrates how issues interact in a real project, thus putting the issue knowledge acquired in Part 2 in a practical context.

Through the four activities in Part 3, you will develop an understanding of:

      • a well-designed sustainability strategy
      • how issues in an well-integrated strategy relate to the issues examined in
        Part 2
      • the types of real obstacles there are that you should consider in order to make implementation of your Part 4 strategy more probable

By analyzing one small project at the end of the case, you will also have a model to use as you finalize your own sustainability strategy in Part 4.

Recommended duration: Four hours of class time


      • Understand how sustainability issues interrelate
      • Understand strategy integration—how to build strategies that tackle multiple issues at the same time


Understanding of

      • how multiple sustainability issues can be addressed by an integrated strategy
      • how global or regional sustainability issues can be addressed locally
      • how issue challenges and opportunities effect trade-off decisions

Ability to

      • analyze a multi-issue strategy and identify its strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement