Part 4: Application

4. Course Assessment
(and Class Celebration)

Student feedback on course content, design, and value, and suggested modifications (and end of class celebration)

Course Assessment

Student feedback is always valuable. You can often get the most insight from those who are the harshest critics. We have included a Course Assessment Form in the Supplemental Materials for your use.

Both your university and the course designers are interested in course assessment. The Course Assessment Form is focused on information about the course and how it can be improved, not on the instructor.


      • Copies of Course Assessment Form for all students

In Class

      • Distribute the Course Assessment Form and ask the students to consider the questions carefully and answer honestly. Let them know that their answers are important for determining how the course may be modified and used in the future. (Students do not need to identify themselves on the Assessment Form.)
      • Please fill out the form yourself. We value your opinion and your experience using the course!


In addition to the student assessment of the course it is recommended that you mark the completion of the course by having a class celebration. This activity is not included in the list of Part 4 Activities that the students have. It is for you to decide if such an event is appropriate, and if so, inform the students at a time of your choosing.

The class celebration is an opportunity to recognize new friendships made and reflect upon how the course has changed student perceptions and improved personal citizenship skills. It can be a time when the pressure is off and you can get candid comments from the students about the course—especially if grading has been completed.


      • You may or may not choose to mention the celebration to the students ahead of time, as the Course Assessment should be carefully considered and thoughtfully answered.
      • If you decide on having the class celebration, you may decide to have the students fill out the Course Assessment Form before coming to the celebration.
      • Ask a few students to assist you with the planning of activities.

In Class

      • The form of the celebration is for you to determine. Consider student harmony, tastes, and personalities.
      • One suggested activity is to go around the room asking the students to share how they intend to use what they learned during the course in the future.