Part 4: Application

3. Final Examination

The Final Examination mirrors the Pre-Test given in Part 1. It assesses post-course knowledge of the twenty-five social, economic, and environmental sustainability issues as well as the ability to apply such knowledge


      • Copies of the Final Examination for all students
      • Advise students that the best way to prepare for the examination is to study their Part 2 notes. (Refer to the Issue Notes Template format if students are using the CD or Internet version of the course.)

In Class

      • Hand out a Final Examination to each student
      • Inform students of how much time they will have to complete the exam and when they may begin writing their answers. You may also consider advising students of certain time intervals as they occur, such as “you have 10 minutes to complete the exam.” If you plan to do this, inform students that you will be announcing such time intervals when they occur.


For purposes of comparison, the Final Examination is scored in the same way that the Pre-Test was scored. By using the Scoring Rubric for Pre-Test and Final Examination, you will measure how much student understanding of sustainability issues has changed as a result of the course. This will enable you and the course designers to assess and improve upon the course. Therefore, it is important that the Scoring Rubric be followed.

Core Reading

  1. Issues Notes Template (Available in the CD and Internet versions)