Part 4: Application

1. Preparation of Student Presentations

Using class hours and out-of-class time, students consult with you and finalize their oral presentations as well as their written submissions for the community application projects


      • Invite presentation reviewers from the students’ project communities. These invitations should be made as early as possible, perhaps once students determine the topic of their project in the first six weeks of the course.
      • Determine how much class time will be necessary for students to present their projects, take the Final Examination, and complete the Course Assessment. You may decide to allow students to use regular class time to work and consult with you on their projects or hold such consultations outside of the classroom while students work independently.
      • Cancel classes for outside work and arrange consultations if appropriate. Students should have used the Sustainability Strategy Analysis and Application Sheet to outline their community application projects and reviewed them with you during Part 2 of the course. Have them revise and expand upon that outline and review it with you. The Sustainability Strategy Analysis and Application Sheet will be used by those reviewing the presentation and will provide the basis for grading student presentations. It therefore serves as an excellent organizing device for students as they develop their projects and provides the organizational outline for making their presentations. Revisiting this Sheet with you during student consultations should help ensure that their projects will fulfill project requirements. The written project submission should probably be five to seven pages (see criteria below).

In Class

      • Use class hours, or schedule independent consultations, for students to meet with you about their project