Part 4: Application

SummaryImage of people in a green house

In Part 1, you learned about the concept of sustainable development and to recognize sustainability problems and how they affect you and your community. In Part 2, you explored the issues and strategies to tackle them. You also selected a sustainability challenge in your community that you wanted to design a strategy to address, and began to outline the strategy and research the issues involved and ways to tackle them. In Part 3, you studied how an integrated sustainability strategy is developed and put into action so that you can better integrate your own strategy.

Now, in Part 4, you will complete the design of your community application strategy. This will be the activity that most defines your personal development in this course, as you directly apply what you have learned and put it to use for your community. It is through your project that you have the chance to make your mark and improve the lives of the people in your community.

You will present your project to your classmates and members of the community. It will be evaluated based on how well you have understood the sustainability issues involved, how well your project addresses the social, economic, and environmental problems, and how feasible your project is. Design a project that can be become a reality!

Also in Part 4, you will take a final test that will help evaluate how your issue knowledge and strategy building skills have improved as a result of this course. The results of the test will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the course. On the last day of class, you will have the opportunity to evaluate the course and suggest ways of improving it.

Recommended duration of Part 4: Approximately three weeks


Develop practical sustainability strategies for local communities


Understanding of

      • how to combine issue knowledge with practical action
      • how to analyze sustainability strategies for potential effectiveness
      • how to incorporate community needs into sustainability strategies

Knowledge of

      • how to design effective sustainability strategies to address local sustainability problems

Assessment of

      • student sustainability issue knowledge
      • student ability to design effective community sustainability strategy