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[Issue 1 2012]

Iraq Technical and Policy Workshop on lead Phase-out held in Cairo on 20-21 April

A technical and policy workshop attended by senior Iraq government officials lead phase out was successfully carried out in Cairo Egypt on 20-21 April 2011.

Organized to support the elimination of leaded gasoline as a means to improving urban air quality in Iraq, the goal of this two day technical and policy workshop was to build consensus for leaded gasoline phase out in Iraq and develop an action plan for this goal.

The workshop was supported by the UNEP based Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles (PCFV) in conjunction with the Iraq Ministry of Environment and facilitated by the Centre for Environment and Development for the Arab Region & Europe (CEDARE).

The workshop recommended, amongst others, the development of a time-bound action plan by the Ministry of Petroleum to reduce lead and sulphur levels in fuel at the national level, with a final deadline to achieve complete phase-out; the establishment of a sustainable transport working group to address fuel quality, traffic management, and transport methods and the need for conducting of awareness-raising campaigns on the negative health and environmental impacts from lead and sulphur content in fuels.

The workshop, attended by senior officials of the government of Iraq including the departments of Sustainable Development, Air Quality and Noise Monitoring and Assessment of the Ministry of Environment; the Public Company for Transport of Passengers and Fuel, the department of Environment- Ministry of Transport, department of Industrial Planning-Ministry of Planning and the General Traffic Authority. The Ministry of Petroleum, also present was represented by the North Refineries Company, the Central Refineries Company, the South Refineries Company and the department Air Pollution Control.

The Air Quality department of Egpyt’s Ministry of Environment presented a case study of the country’s air pollution control measures and the lead phase out program.

UNEP staff both from the regional office for West Asia and the PCFV based in Nairobi as well and CEDARE were also in attendance.

Funding partners to the workshop, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, ExxonMobil, the Asia Clean Fuel Association (ACFA), CEDARE and the PCFV were also recognized.