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[Issue 1 2012]

Meeting on National Commitment Building to Phase Out Leaded Gasoline in Yemen [Dates to be confirmed]

A lead phase out workshop, aimed at building national commitment for phase out of leaded gasoline in Yemen is to be held in Sana’a Yemen. This high level senior workshop is facilitated by UNEP – Partnership for Clean Fuels and vehicles (PCFV) and is organised by its Partner, the Ministry for water and Environmental Protection Authority, Yemen.

The 2-day workshop will involve a number of government ministries and agencies, as well as refinery experts and is aimed at supporting the completion of the lead phase-out campaign initiated in Yemen in 2005.

In August 2005 the Republic of Yemen, represented through the Environment Protection Authority joined the Partnership for Clean Fuel and Vehicles and later that year commenced a project to phase out lead titled “SUPPORT TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF A NATIONAL STRATEGY AND THE IMPLEMENTATION OF A COMMITMENT BUILDING PROGRAMME TO PHASE OUT LEADED GASOLINE IN YEMEN”.

The project called for a comprehensive assessment and collection of data and on the supply of gasoline, vehicle fleet from regional vehicle specialists and the national refineries which was done. In addition, identification of most vulnerable risk groups to lead exposures based on descriptive health parameters was also completed. Thereafter a blood lead-level testing project and execution of blood screening for lead levels in some 200 individuals representing at-risk groups was done and this was complimented by a public information campaign.

Subsequently unleaded gasoline was introduced into the country and currently Yemen markets both leaded and unleaded gasoline. Currently 10% of the country’s gasoline is unleaded.

 For further information please contact:

Mr. Helal Al-Riashi

Deputy General Director of Environmental Monitoring & Survery
Ministry of Water & Environment Protection Authority
Tel: + 967 202 012

M. Kimotho M'Mukindia

Transport Unit - The Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles
Division of Technology, Industry and Economics
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
Phone: +254 20 762 5035
Fax     : +254 20 762 5264