What are the best practice regulatory, fiscal and economic instruments available today to encourage a more efficient vehicle stock in your country? This section will allow you to explore the elements of current auto fuel economy policies and programs.

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In this section you will be able to:

  • Access a global and national view of who is doing what when it comes to auto fuel economy policies and programs;
  • Study case studies from around the world featuring different approaches to auto fuel economy regulatory and fiscal measures;
  • Learn about the set of policies, measures, and technologies available to introduce and institutionalize instruments that promote more efficient vehicles.
The information contained on this website is intended as practical guidance coupled with examples of auto fuel economy policies and approaches in use around the world. It is not a complete collection of all national examples, nor does it track national and global progress on improving auto fuel economy. It is a work in progress and is updated regularly.This website does not support IE 5 and below.
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