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The Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles (PCFV) is the leading global public-private in23itiative promoting cleaner fuels and vehicles in developing and transition countries.

Established at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in September 2002 in Johannesburg, the PCFV brings together 72 organizations representing developed and developing countries, the fuel and vehicle industries, civil society, and leading world experts on cleaner fuels and vehicles. Our partners combine their resources and efforts to achieve cleaner air and lower greenhouse gas emissions from road transport by applying fuel quality improvements and proven vehicle technologies in use in leading global auto markets.

Following the successful ten-year campaign to end the use of leaded petrol on a global scale, the PCFV was re-launched in October 2012 in London with a renewed focus on;

  • The Lead Campaign: an effort aimed at completing the phase out of leaded petrol in the last countries still using TEL, and to ensure that only catalyst equipped vehicles will be added to national fleets in countries that have completed phase-out;

  • The Sulfur Campaign: an effort to promote the introduction of low sulfur fuels of 50 ppm or less together with the adoption of advanced vehicle emissions standards
News & Updates

Kenya – National Workshop on Fuel Economy Feebate and Vehicle Labelling programme
12 May 2016 Nairobi, Kenya
Botswana holds a national workshop on low sulphur fuels and fuel economy vehicles
22- 23 March 2016, Francistown, Botswana
Philippine and ASEAN stakeholders support Euro 4 vehicle emission standards
23-24 February 2016 Manila,Philippines
Zimbabwe holds a national workshop on reducing transport emissions
26 January 2016, Harare, Zimbabwe
The PCFV shares its leaded petrol elimination experience with the Lead Paint Alliance
2-3 December 2015
The AfDB Transport Forum 2015 discusses the role of transport for green and inclusive growth
26 -27 November 2015 in Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire
Stakeholders propose cleaner heavy duty diesel vehicle standards in Kenya
28 October, 2015 Nairobi Kenya
Dar es Salaam City proposing cleaner bus standards for Tanzania
21 October, 2015 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
The PCFV attends the ARA Specification and Refining Working Group meeting
7-8 October 2015 Suez Egypt
Upcoming Events
The PCFV to hold its 11th Global Partners Meeting
6 - 7 June 2016, London
The Global Fuel Economy Initiative Annual Training and Networking Event to be held on
9 – 10 June 2016 Paris, France
Kenya: CCAC Cleaner Bus Standards Workshop
30 - 31 May 2016 Nairobi, Kenya
Nigeria – Sub-regional Low Sulphur Workshop
15-16 June 2016 Abuja, Nigeria
Botswana – Sub-regional Low Sulphur Workshop
June 2016

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