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[Issue 1 2012]

Africa Sustainable Transport Forum Launched

The World Bank and UNEP, in collaboration with UN-Habitat, are implementing an Africa Sustainable Transport Forum (ASFT) that will provide a platform for high-level attention and policy dialogue on access to environmentally sustainable transport in Africa. The goal of the Forum will be to integrate sustainable transport into the region’s development and planning processes and increase the amount of funding going to sustainable transport programs in Africa – to improve access to transport, reduce air pollution and climate emissions, and improve road safety and health.

The Environmentally Sustainable Transport (EST) forums have been in existence in Asia and Latin America, with the Asian one established about 8 years ago. It is expected that creating the ASTF will increase awareness across transport, health and environment topics especially underpinning the cross cutting nature of sustainable transport and how it relates to present development trends and opportunities for the region. ASTF links to the PCFV goals of promoting cleaner fuels and vehicles standards in the region.

Two events are planned in 2014, a side event at the UNEA in June and a high level conference in Oct/Nov, in Nairobi Kenya.