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[Issue 1 2012]

The PCFV holds successful 7th Global Partnership Meeting in Hungary

7GPMThe 7th Global Partnership meeting of the PCFV (7GPM) took place in Szentendre, Hungary on 28- 29 April, 2009 and was attended by 35 participants representing 25 partners and 3 observer organizations. The meeting provided a useful opportunity for Partners to review progress and achievements since the 6GPM held in Beijing, China in April 2008.

The meeting focused on the past year’s advancements in the Partnership’s three core campaigns, encouraging the final steps towards a global leaded gasoline phase out, the low sulphur fuels campaign and the growing body of work to promote clean vehicles.

Partners applauded progress made since 6GPM and particularly since PCFV was formed stating that a lot more is now known and the PCFV today has a lot of access to decision makers. Significant progress is being made and at present over 99% of the global petrol market is unleaded.

The Partners reviewed the few remaining countries with leaded gasoline and agreed that the coming year should see renewed attempts to phase out leaded gasoline in the last remaining 14 countries while at the same time developing ways of ensuring those countries that have gone unleaded maintain that status. The Partners therefore set up a verification program.

A detailed presentation on the sulphur reduction showed significant progress with 50% of countries with plans for low sulphur (50 ppm) implementation. It was noted that many activities are planned in the coming years. Discussion of an up-dated sulphur strategy culminated in agreement on a Working group on Black Carbon. Discussions also centered on how best partners could support the Clearing House in its data collection process to get the latest ‘on the ground’ actual sulphur and Partners called for a differentiated approach for diesel and gasoline in the sulphur campaign. It was agreed that the PCV will launch a Global Clean Fuels and Vehicles Database that will have data on Fuels, Vehicles and Automotive efficiency

Finally, the meeting was in agreement that the work the PCFV is doing is crucial to improving urban air quality in developing and transition countries and makes significant contribution to reducing green house gases. Therefore, the Partners asked the Clearing-House to further extend the clean vehicles campaign to support countries in developing clean vehicles strategies.

The meeting also welcomed the opportunity for new clean vehicles activities through the UNEP (and partners) ‘50by50’ campaign of the Global Fuel Economy Initiative. It was agreed the PCFV work closely with this global initiative. The Partners also agreed to set a small group to review its vehicles strategy and the proposed approach.
The meeting also agreed to accept the kind offer of US EPA to host the next Global Partners Meeting in Washington D.C.

The event was hosted by the Regional Environmental Center (REC) for Central and Eastern Europe at its state of the art eco-conference centre.

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