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[Issue 1 2012]

Fuel Quality Issues in Europe: Implementation of the PCFV in Central and Eastern Europe 6 March 2004

The focus of this event was to better understand fuel and vehicle issues in Central and Eastern Europe – both for those countries addressing Phase I Accession as well as other countries in the region. This meeting had three main goals:

  1. To introduce the PCFV and to discuss how countries in Central and Eastern Europe can get more involved;
  2. To assess the fuels situation in the Central and Eastern European region; and
  3. To discuss next steps to raise awareness and improve fuel quality in the region.

The goal was to assess where countries in the region stand on lead and sulfur issues and see what participants can do to raise awareness of these important issues and to improve fuel quality and vehicles in efforts to improve air quality. It also provided an opportunity to let experts from the region learn more about the PCFV. Finally, the meeting engaged countries in the region on PCFV issues and began to explore ways to work together to address these important transportation and environmental issues.