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[Issue 1 2012]

Clean Fleet Management Toolkit Launch in Asia, PCFV Side Event at Better Air Quality

The UNEP, Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles (PCFV) launched its "Clean Fleet Management Toolkit" in Asia at the BAQ 2008 pre-event on 11 November 2008.

This Toolkit contains a number of tools that help organizations develop a strategy for reducing the environmental and health impacts of their vehicle fleet and with minimal information and inputs, develop practical strategies and scenarios for corrective and cost-effective action.

The toolkit is a step-by-step system for beginners and experienced users and managers comprising of five steps (;

  • Awareness: Introducing the issues on environment and transport
  • Impact: Estimating your fleet's impacts on environment and health
  • Actions: Identifying the options available to reduce environment and health impacts
  • Strategy: Developing a strategy by choosing selected actions and setting targets
  • Monitoring: Keeping track of the effects of your strategy and improvements


The launch and training event had three primary objectives:
  • To publicize to organizations in Asia the availability of tools to reduce the environment and health impacts of vehicles for fleet owners and operators
  • To train public and private fleet managers in the practical use and application of Clean Fleet Management Toolkit within their own institutions
  • To familiarize CAI-Asia staff in 4 network country offices in the use of the toolkit to enable its application and adoption beyond the training event (training of trainers)
  • Increased awareness in Asia of cleaner fleet solutions and availability of UNEP / PCFV support in this area
  • CAI-Asia staff and other interested parties familiar with toolkit and how it works, and able to begin application at local level in their own countries
  • Practical exercise for 3-4 organizations to insert their data into Clean Fleet Management Toolkit
  • List of possible tool options identified and potential benefits GHG/AQ
  • At least 2 organizations agreement to use the Clean Fleet Management Toolkit and to develop recommendations for their fleets and implement these recommendations in the coming year to reduce fuel use and carbon emissions
  • Agreement by CAI-Asia network coordinators to sensitize at least one Organization each in their countries on the benefits of the toolkit for possible adoption by this organization(s)
  • Follow up and monitoring of toolkit use and concrete outcomes at the fleet level post training event by the PCFV Clearing-House
  • Photo Gallery
  • Agenda
  • Clean up your fleet for lower emissions, better air quality - Introducing a practical approach to cleaner, more efficient fleet operation
  • Clean Up Your Fleet - Introducing a practical approach to cleaner, more efficient fleet operation
  • Clean Fleets: The Role of Clean Fuels and Vehicle Emission Control Technologies
  • Better Air Quality: Case study
  • Better Air Quality: Inventory options