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[Issue 1 2012]

Events Archive: 2004

Third Global Partnership Meeting: 2-3 December 2004 Delhi, India

Air Quality and Reduction of Sulphur in Transport Fuels in Central America: 3-4 November 2004 San Salvador, El Salvador

Conference on Phase-out of Leaded Gasoline in Sub-Saharan Africa ("Dakar +2"): 5-7 May 2004 Nairobi, Kenya

Clean Fuels and Vehicles Regional Workshop for Central America : 21-22 April 2004 Guatemala City, Guatemala

Meeting on Clean Fuels and Vehicles in West Asia: 17-19 March 2004 Beirut, Lebanon

Confrence sous-rgionale sur l'limination du plomb dans l'essence en Afrique de l'Ouest et Centrale: 16-17 March 2004 Douala, Cameroon

Partnership event for Central and Eastern Europe: 6 March 2004 Rome, Italy

Better Air Quality 2004: 6-8 December 2004 Agra, India

Clean Vehicles and Fuels - European Symposium and Exhibition: 2-4 June 2004 Stockholm, Sweden

International Forum on Partnerships for Sustainable Development: 4-6 March 2004 Rome, Italy