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[Issue 1 2012]

Air Quality and Reduction of Sulphur in Transport Fuels in Central America: 3-4 November 2004 San Salvador, El Salvador

The CCAD (Comision Centro Americana del Ambiente y Desarrollo) joined the Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg in 2002. The CCAD is the regional representative of the seven Ministers of Environment in Central America. Fortunately, the region has phased out lead out of gasoline; however, the levels of sulphur in fuels are high. In order to address for this issue, the US Environmental Protection Agency, sponsored by the PCFV, organised a regional workshop on clean fuels and vehicles in April 2004. This activity served as the first step for the region to bring stakeholders together to: discuss the issue; develop a regional working group; and begin discussing a regional action plan to reduce sulfur in fuels.

The regional working group - Grupo Centro Americano Para La Reducccion del Azufre - quickly began to identify the biggest challenges in reducing fuel sulphur levels (per country).