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[Issue 1 2012]

Fleet operators show interest in in learning from UNEP how to reduce their transport carbon footprint

On May 8 2012, Forum partnered with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to put into effect best practices through a workshop highlighting the environmental, safety and health benefits that derive from a systematic clean fleet strategy.

This workshop marked the beginning of a series of Clean Fleet Strategy workshops aimed at training vehicle fleet managers to operate their vehicle fleets more efficiently and effectively through use of a unique UNEP clean fleet management toolkit.

The objective of this and similar workshops is to provide practical and hands on knowledge in developing a clean fleet strategy to Fleet Forum members, including humanitarian and commercial fleet operators.

A total of 9 organizations drawn from the NGO and commercial industry  (IMC, Save the Children, OXFAM, ADRA Kenya, IFRC, World Vision Kenya, UNEP, Finlay Horticulture, WFP, Fleet Forum and Medair Riders for Health) represented by 14 participants participated in the workshop.

Participants were invited to use their organizations’ fleet data in the toolkit, look at the CO2 emissions and other pollutants that their organizations fleet were producing and come up with, with the support of the toolkit, with different strategies. Strategies - short, mid and long term - in the toolkit range from; changing vehicle fleet composition (including the change from petrol to diesel vehicles, including hybrid or electric vehicles, changing from 2 stroke motorbikes to 4 stroke motorbikes); putting in place more systematic (and regular) maintenance schedules; putting in place more systematic (and regular) driver eco training (including refresher courses); as well as collecting and analyzing data on fuel consumption amongst others.

The participants looked at and focused particularly on strategies that they could put in place that were under their control.

For more including video and pictures please visit:

Below are the presentations used at the training: