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[Issue 1 2012]

PCFV / Fleet Forum Clean Fleet Strategy Workshop Geneva, February 2009

On 24 and 25 February 2009 UNEP and the Fleet Forum, with support from TNT, organised a workshop session in Geneva. 5 participants representing 4 UN agencies, International Organisations, NGOs and commercial partners participated in the workshop. The training was run by UNEP staff who led participants through the process of utilising the interactive toolkit by applying it to their individual organisations and developing organisation specific strategies.

The training also addressed several issues including:

  • Asking participants to assess their organisations' environmental impact in terms of green house gas emissions and pollutants.

  • The available options for organisations based on a real assessment of the environments in which they operate vehicles.

  • A list of potential short and long term actions.

  • A comprehensive analysis of the costs and benefits of particular strategies and actions.

  • A realistic look at both quick wins and long term investments.

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