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[Issue 1 2012]

South America Sulphur in Vehicle Fuels Conference, 13-14 February 2007

The objectives of the conference were to:

  • Clarify the state of South American fuels and vehicles, the challenges and opportunities available for cleaner fuels and vehicles,
  • Define 'who's who' and ongoing initiatives in South America on this topic,
  • Discuss ways to improve sharing of information and knowledge on fuel and vehicle issues,
  • Catalyze the development of a realistic, step-by-step plan and timeframe for a reduction of sulphur levels in vehicle fuels to the lowest feasible level in each country concurrent with clean vehicles and clean vehicle technologies, and
  • Develop an outline of concrete recommendations and next steps for cleaner fuels and vehicles in South America.

  • Outcomes: Major decisions taken at the sulphur conference include:

  • Consensus by participants from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay, Venezuela, Suriname that a subregional target of 50 parts per million sulphur diesel is attainable by all countries between 2010 - 2012,
  • Agreement to bring cleaner fuels and vehicles to the attention of regional political processes (including the Forum of Ministers of the Environment and regional mayoral summits),
  • Continuation of the collection of clear and updated information on fuels and vehicles along with national plans and relevant stakeholders for dissemination to relevant institutions and forums, and
  • Commitment to continued regional and national activities to develop specific timelines and plans for low sulphur fuels and vehicle standards (along with specific technology recommendations and research) in South America.

  • Recommendations and Actions to be taken:

  • Seek formalization of the subregion 50 ppm target, and cleaner vehicle standards and technology, through the next Forum of Ministers of the Environment Meeting and mayoral summits,
  • The PCFV Clearing-House will cooperate with the UNEP regional office in Latin America to disseminate the outcomes and recommendations from the conference in regional forums, via communication to ministers and formal inputs from UNEP,
  • CORPAIRE and UNEP will further update country information on fuel quality and vehicles and disseminate PCFV guidance on technical solutions for emissions control (including case studies),
  • The PCFV will continue to expand its cooperation with ongoing initiatives in the region - including the Clean Air Institute/Clean Air Initiative for Latin American Cities (formerly of the World Bank), the International Council on Clean Transport (ICCT), and the Mario Molina Centers,
  • The PCFV will continue to support concrete and strategic cooperation projects in countries for low sulphur fuels and cleaner vehicles (for example, ongoing work in Colombia for low sulphur targets and further work in Ecuador).