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[Issue 1 2012]

Sulphur Reduction Sensitization in Gambia Commences

Sulphur Reduction SensitizationThe National Environment Agency together with two Departments of State, Energy and Environment, coordinated a national workshop on sulphur reduction in Banjul on 27-28 November 2008. The workshop, which was opened by the Permanent Secretary of the Department of State for Forestry and Environment on behalf of the Minister, was planned to take advantage of the on-going process of reviewing petroleum products legislation in Gambia that is expected to result in new Petroleum Products Law and Regulations. The workshop recommended the immediate reduction of diesel sulphur levels to 500ppm in the medium term (2012) and 50ppm in the long term (2015). The age limit for imported vehicles was proposed at 10 years with yearly testing for emissions. A regional approach to implementation of clean fuels and vehicles goals was also recommended.