August 2008 / Volume 6, Issue 2


The Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles is the leading global initiative promoting better urban air quality through the use of clean fuels and vehicles.

Jordan moves to Address Sulphur Reduction

Ethiopia Meeting

After successfully phasing out lead from gasoline in February 2008, Jordan moved on to address sulphur reduction in diesel in a post-lead workshop held in Amman, Jordan on 21-23 July 2008.

In attendance under the support from the PCFV were representatives from Palestine and Iraq, the latter who is still leaded.

The Minister of Environment, while opening the workshop stated that the country’s next goal is to have lower sulphur levels in diesel.
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North Africa meets to discuss leaded gasoline phase-out

Tunisia meeting

Over 50 participants from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia met at the Tunis International Center of Environmental Technologies (CITET), on 14-16 August 2008 to review progress in phasing out leaded gasoline. The first day of the meeting that was coordinated by IPIECA discussed technical issues to the phase-out of leaded gasoline in particular refining technologies, vehicle benefits of unleaded fuels and case examples from Africa on their experiences in phasing out leaded gasoline. The second and third day saw the three countries present their national strategies to move to unleaded gasoline and low sulphur fuels. The meeting was the joint effort of several of the PCFV partners in particular the PCFV Clearing-House, IPIECA, ACFA and ARA. The Tunisian Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development organised and coordinated this meeting. » More

PCFV holds workshop in Mongolia

mongoliaThe PCFV held a successful Clean Fuels and Vehicles workshop in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on 30–31 July 2008.

The two-day workshop which was opened by Ms. Jargalsaikhan, Secretary, National Committee of Toxic and Hazardous Chemicals in the Ministry of Nature and Environment was attended by 30 participants. The participants were drawn from the Ministries of Transport and Tourism, Fuel and Energy, Construction and Urban Development » More

Cleaner Fleet Management Training in Dubai and Hungary

cleanfleet In September two cleaner fleet management training events will be organized by UNEP and the Clearing-House of the PCFV, targeting humanitarian aid agencies and fleet managers in central and eastern Europe.

From 8 - 10 September a three-day seminar will take place in Dubai where fleet managers from the World Food Programme (WFP) and the International Federation of the Red Cross (IFRC) will come together to learn to use the Cleaner Fleet Management toolkit developed by UNEP and TNT in 2007 and to begin the development of customized cleaner fleet strategies.» More

Togo, Benin and Nigeria meet to discuss sulphur reduction

Togo Meeting

Stakeholders from Togo, Benin and Nigeria met on 17-18 June 2008 in Lome, Togo to discuss sulphur reduction in vehicle fuels as a means of improving urban air quality in the sub-region. The workshop, which was opened by the Deputy Minister for Environment Mr Essowè OURO-DJERI, recommended the immediate reduction of sulphur levels in diesel fuels in Togo and Benin from the current level of 10,000ppm to 5,000ppm. Further reductions in Togo of 2,000, 500 and 50ppm would be reviewed by the national inter-governmental committee that regulates the oil sector. » More

Road Transport Still Top Polluter in EU-27

A report released in July 2008 by the European Environment Agency shows that road transport remains the main source of nitrogen oxides, and carbon monoxide, and the second-most important source of fine particulate emissions (PM10 and PM2.5) in the EU-27. The report (Annual European Community LRTAP Convention Emission Inventory report 1990-2006) contains data on pollutant emissions since 1990. While most EU-27 countries have reduced emissions of air pollutants over the past decades, pollution continues to undermine local air quality, particularly in urban areas.

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PCFV hold its first national workshop in Ethiopia

Public Health Boost as Jordan switches to unleaded fuel

Laos Press: Officials Discuss Air Quality Issues

Sub-Saharan Africa Health and Refinery Sector Study kicks off

Development of Fuel Economy Regulations begins in India

India gazettes fuel road map for 50ppm

Santiago, Chile Retrofit Results In

Addis Ababa Highlights: Improving Urban Air Quality: Promoting Clean Fuels & Vehicles

PCFV holds workshop in Laos

Laos The PCFV held a successful two-day workshop on Clean Fuels and Vehicles in Vientiane, Laos on 4–5 August 2008. The workshop was opened and chaired by the Director General, Department of Transport, Ministry of Public Works and Transport, Mr.Viengsavath Siphandone.

This workshop was a follow-up to an earlier presentation on clean fuels and vehicles made during the Environmental Sustainable Transport Strategy (EST) workshop held in Vientiane on 23-24 June 2008. The presentation was made by the United Nations Center for Regional Development (UNCRD) on behalf of the PCFV.» More

Up coming Events of note

Global Alliance for Eco Mobility Assembly
3 Sept 2008, Friedrichshafen, Germany
contact elisa.dumitrescu@unep.org

WFP/ IFRC Training
8-9 Sept 2008, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
contact rob.jong@unep.org

Air Pollution and Climate Change: Developing a Framework for Integrated Co-Benefits Strategies
17-19 Sept 2008, Stockholm, Sweden
contact jane.akumu@unep.org

Clean Fleet Training
18-19 Sept 2008, Szentendre, Hungary
contact elisa.dumitrescu@unep.org

Workshop on Developing UNEP’s Transport Position Paper
Sept (End) 2008, Paris, France
contact rob.jong@unep.org

Eastern Africa Sub-regional Workshop on Better Air Quality in Cities
21-23 October 2008, Nairobi, Kenya
contact jane.akumu@unep.org


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