December 2009 / Volume 7, Issue 2


The Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles is the leading global initiative promoting better urban air quality through the use of clean fuels and vehicles.

    Latest News ...

Global roll out of Fleet Management toolkit takes off ...


FYR Macedonia successfully phases out leaded petrol, adopts low sulphur fuels

50 by 50  

Global Fuel Economy Initiative: 50 by 50 website Launched


NEWS from Islamabad, Pakistan, July 5: Lower sulphur Fuels to be introduced

PCFV toolkitSince the launch of the UNEP "Clean Fleet Management Toolkit" in November 2008 in Asia, at the BAQ 2008, its use by companies has rapidly expanded both in Asia and in other regions. A total number of 212 individuals in 100 companies have been trained in its use to date. The training has taken place in 12 PCFV organized workshops and training sessions in Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America and Middle East.

The latest training was in Santiago, Chile on 24-25 September 2009 and twenty one fleet managers participated, both public and private from 7 countries in the region (Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Jamaica, and Uruguay). This was the very first UNEP Clean Fleet Management Toolkit training in Latin America and the PCFV, together with the Centro Mario Molina Center Chile, made this launch. » More

   Workshops Held ...

UNEP initiates drive to clean up Kenyan skies


National Workshop on Clean Fuels and Vehicles organised in Haiphong, Vietnam


Jamaica Automobile Association to cut emissions and fuel consumption following the First Clean Fleet Management Training in Latin America and the Caribbean


The Third Ministry of Environmental Protection (China) and the Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) international workshop on vehicle emission control


Montenegro on track to lead phase-out, low sulphur fuels

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PCFV SulphurUnited Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has rolled out an initiative aimed at reducing sulphur levels in diesel to cut down pollution caused by vehicles in Kenya. It wants the government to introduce new rules to cut the level to 500 parts per million (ppm) in imported diesel from January next year to protect the environment.

Black smoke
The benefits of using such fuel include reduction of particulate matter such as visible black smoke, decreased corrosion of car pistons and cylinder liner wear of engines, extended lubricant life and increased oil drain interval. National Environment Management Agency (Nema) and the Petroleum Institute of East Africa (PIEA) are backing the initiative for Kenya to meet a 2010 global deadline of using low sulphur diesel. » More

More Updates ...

Updated Lead and Sulphur Maps (Regional and World maps) available on PCFV Website

Clean Fuels and Vehicles Recommendations Plan for Central America and the Dominican Republic

Managing Motorcycles: Opportunities to Reduce Pollution and Fuel Use from Two- and Three-Wheeled Vehicles

Progress in understanding of Global and Regional black carbon emissions, including transport sector

Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles participates in Clean Air Month to mark renewed focus on air quality - Asia

National Clean Fuels and Vehicles Workshop and Clean Fleet Management Toolkit Training held in Philippines

    New Publications ...

Up coming Events of notenewslogo

PCFV Hybrid Report  

Hybrid Electric Vehicles Report
This is an overview of current technology and its application in developing and transitional countries


Clean Fleet Management Toolkit
How to Clean Up your Fleet

This toolkit is now available in Spanish


Cleaning up Urban Bus Fleet
This publication focuses on developing and transition countries


A policy-relevant summary of black carbon climate science and appropriate emission control strategies [English] [Spanish]

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United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009: COP 15
7-18 December 2009 Copenhagen, Denmark
contact: elisa.dumitrescu@unep.org

Latin America & Caribbean Launch of the Global Fuel Economy Initiative
February/March 2010, Mexico City  
contact: veronica.ruiz-stannah@unep.org

Regional workshop promoting low sulphur fuels for SACEP (South Asia Co-operative Environment Programme) countries
March 2010, Colombo, Sri Lanka
contact: vered.ehsani@unep.org

Central and Eastern Europe Launch of the Global Fuel Economy Initiative
Mid-March 2010, Szentendre, Hungary
contact: elisa.dumitrescu@unep.org

8th Global Partners Meeting
21-22 April 2010, Washington DC, USA
contact: rob.jong@unep.org

Caribbean Clean Fuels and Vehicles Workshop
April 2010, Jamaica
contact: veronica.ruiz-stannah@unep.org

National workshop on Clean Vehicles
May 2010, Beijing, China
contact: vered.ehsani@unep.org


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