May 2010 / Volume 8, Issue 1


The Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles is the leading global initiative promoting better urban air quality through the use of clean fuels and vehicles.

Subregional Clean Fuel and Vehicle Working Sessions

Session 1 to meet in Belgrade 1-2 July 2010: Led by REC FYR Macedonia with REC HQ, this sub-regional effort consists of a 4-part training and subregional compliance series covering selected topics of concern to policymakers in the subregion, following the outcomes of the PCFV and REC fuel and vehicle meetings at the regional and national levels since 2005. The sessions will be hosted by the 4 participating REC country offices (Serbia, Montenegro, FYR Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina) and will provide a mechanism for follow-up reporting on outstanding decisions on fuel quality and auto emissions in these countries. The compliance and consultative sessions will result in an issue-specific action plan with detailed activities on the implementation efforts of stated goals in each participating country.

Session 1 deals with drafting of EU compliant fuel quality legislation and strengthening the institutions in charge of implementation. Countries will exchange experience in transposing EU fuel quality legislation. The target beneficiaries of this workshop are the people from the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Economy that are directly in charge of drafting the relevant legislation as well as 1 person from the institution in charge of the enforcement of the legislation. This session will be held in Belgrade, 1-2 July 2010 and will focus on: assessment of the present status of fuel quality EU Directives transposition in all the 4 countries involved, identifying the gaps and institutional / technology problems and other obstacles EU alignment; in addition, the main meeting goal is to determine the scope for national actions which can realistically take place during the project lifetime.

Please contact elisa.dumitrescu@unep.org for more details and information on upcoming sessions.

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