April 2011 / Volume 9, Issue 1

The Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles is the leading global initiative promoting better urban air quality through the use of clean fuels and vehicles.

Contribution of the PCFV to helping Sub Saharan Africa be totally free of leaded petrol validated and applauded

After an intensive UNEP evaluation on the PCFV leaded gasoline phase-out in Sub Saharan Africa (SSA), conducted by a third Party, the report has found that meeting the target of a lead free SSA –some 48 countries - would not have been achieved without the contributions of PCFV and other players. The UNEP appointed Consultants found that both UNEP and the PCFV made a substantial contribution achieved in four and a half years.

The evaluators stating that The PCFV is often cited as one of the most successful examples of this instrument said that “this evaluation has confirmed its results and analysed the factors, which enabled these to be achieved.” The Consultants further stated that although it is not possible to attribute the phase-out of leaded fuel to the support provided at these three levels by UNEP, or indeed to PCFV as an institution, it Quote “… is clear that the phase-out would not have been achieved in anywhere near the same timescale without them”

The Consultants particularly commended UNEP for operating at three levels,

(1) as a high level advocate to Governments, influencing support in the right places;

(2) as a channel to resources within the Partnership, and as

(3) a facilitator and supporter of activities at various levels particularly at the country level.

Citing several key factors for this success the consultants, commended the Clearing-House for its, quote” High quality management and staff” as one of these factors.

A summary report as well as the full independent evaluation report can be accessed here

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