April 2011 / Volume 9, Issue 1

The Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles is the leading global initiative promoting better urban air quality through the use of clean fuels and vehicles.

PCFV attends the ARA Annual General Meeting

The African Refiners Association (ARA) held its Annual General Meeting in Cape Town, South Africa on 28-30 March 2011. The theme of the meeting was Developing and Protecting Our Resources. The PCFV had been invited as a VIP speaker at the event and made a presentation on Developing And Protecting Our Resources Through Cleaning Up Transport. The ARA is a PCFV partner and represents 36 of the 44 refineries in Africa as well as product importers, storage companies and government regulators. The role of the PCFV in promoting cleaner fuels in the region was highlighted by various ARA officials. Members called for modernisation of refineries to meet cleaner product specifications, particularly lowering of sulphur levels in fuels. Prior to the AGM, on 27 March, the ARA Specification Working Group had a meeting. The PCFV is a member of this Group that looks at existing and future product specifications, vehicle emissions strategy and related issues.

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