May 2012 / Volume 10, Issue 1

The Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles is the leading global initiative promoting better urban air quality through the use of clean fuels and vehicles.

Auto emissions project launches in the Caucasus

Following the launch of the GFEI for Southeast Europe, Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia countries in May 2010, UNEP has been working intensively with the Caucasus Environmental NGO Network (CENN) and the Georgia Partnership for Road Safety to implement a sub regional program that addresses energy efficiency in the auto sector and low emission vehicles. The program’s initial focus is on Georgia, including the calculation of the country’s baseline vehicle stock energy consumption and trends. In addition to the inaugural meeting of the Georgian high-level steering committee in October 2011, working groups on cleaner fuels and vehicles are also being formed in Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Institutional and legal framework analyses are now available for Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan on the project website: www.gfei-caucasus.org/. The plan for Georgia in 2012 is to use the national fuel economy baseline estimate as a launch pad for a national meeting later this year, it is hoped that the meeting will start the process of mapping out fuel economy policy options, as well as reviewing fuel quality improvements beyond the recently announced reductions in sulphur (Georgia is now at 300 ppm diesel, 250 petrol with no 50 ppm plan); advocacy for the adoption of Euro-level auto emission standards is also on the agenda, no such measure is currently planned.

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