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[Issue 1 2012]

Lead Phase-out, 'Euro 5' Fuels in FYR Macedonia

As of June 2009, leaded fuel is no longer produced nor imported into FYR Macedonia and the local refinery Okta produces lead-free, low sulphur (10 ppm) fuels. REC Macedonia, together with John Courtis and with support from the PCFV Clearing-House, led national coordination and technical assistance on this initiative, securing disposal of remaining leaded stocks and public information on the phase-out.

FYR Macedonia completed national lead phase-out in July 2009 following the national and subregional meeting on cleaner fuels and vehicles held there with PCFV and FIA Foundation support 12-13 February 2009; the meeting was attended by representatives from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro. Following the meeting the national agency on fuel stock reserves announced a successful tender for the remaining 800 tons of leaded fuel stocks and the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, along with the national working group on cleaner fuels and vehicles, ensured public information on potential catalyst damage.

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