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Partnership Newsletter


[Issue 1 2012]

Lead Phase-out in Montenegro

Following a two-year cooperation and technical support project (2008-2010) between the Montenegro Country Office of the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe and UNEP, the PCFV and FIA Foundation, the Montenegrin government has approved and formally announced that the Law on Air Protection, Ordinance on Limit Values of Pollutants in Liquid Fossil Fuels has been now been formally adopted.
As of January 1 2011 leaded petrol will no longer be available in Montenegro, and petrol and diesel fuels imported into the country will meet low sulphur requirements in line with EC standards, i.e. a maximum of 10 parts per million sulphur in auto fuel. The UNEP and PCFV supported the development of a national action plan for cleaner fuels and vehicles that was adopted by the Ministry of Economy, with official press releases and new conferences announcing the changes in Montenegro. Please consult the media material below for additional information.

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