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Clean Fuels and Vehicles Database

Partnership Newsletter


[Issue 1 2012]

Sub regional cooperation and coordination framework and mechanism for cleaner fuels and vehicles in southeast Europe (SEE)

The first in a series of four working sessions on cleaner fuels and vehicles in the Southeast European context was held in Belgrade, Serbia on July 1st-2nd 2010. The focus of the 2-day session was on improved sharing of information and experience among Southeast European (SEE) countries as a means of moving in a harmonized way toward improved air quality, fuel quality, and lower vehicle emissions. Participating countries include Serbia, Montenegro, FYR Macedonia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The event was sponsored by the Partnership of Clean Fuels and Vehicles (PCFV), and supported by the Regional Environment Center (REC).

The aim of the workshop was to help set up a sub-regional cooperation and coordination mechanism as the foundation for the implementation of cleaner, more efficient motor vehicle plans (including fuel economy), and to enhance the adoption and implementation of national standards for lead-free, low sulphur fuels and improving vehicle standards commensurate with European standards.

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