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Key Achievements

NMT Policy in Uganda
Policy Change in Kenya
Share the Road Global Report

About Us

Share the Road is a UNEP initiative, developed with the FIA Foundation for the Automobile and Society.  It brings together the environment and safety agendas in the context of urban transport in the developing world where the majority, pedestrians and cyclists, are disadvantaged on the road.  The overall goal is to catalyse government and donor policies for systematic investments in walking and cycling road infrastructure.  


Updates & News
Building Happy Cities – Meeting the Challenge of Urban Mobility
14 November 2014, IRF
NMT Training during 1st ASTF Policy Conference
27 October 2014, Nairobi, Kenya
Chennai Adopts NMT Policy: A Quantum Leap towards Safer Streets
21 October 2014, ITDP
Building a Model to explore NMT Infrastructure Costs and Benefits
16 September 2014, Nairobi, Kenya
StR Presentation during the 4th IRF Latin American Regional Congress
8-10 September 2014, Lima, Peru