Junior Board

The Tunza Junior Board typically comprises a group of ten child leaders between the ages of 10 and 12 (at the time of election). They work closely with UNEP to provide guideance on how to make UNEP processes more appealing to children, and how to sensitize children on environmental issues. The Board also helps to increase the participation of children in UNEP’s work by informing children’s groups and organizations about UNEP's activities.

The Junior Board consists of six representatives from each of the six UNEP Regions and four children from the country hosting the next Tunza International Children’s Conference. All Junior Board members are leaders and active members of an environmental organization.

The Junior Board is elected at the biennial Tunza International Children’s Conference. It has a mandate to serve for two years until the next Board is elected.

Sun Woo KimSun Woo Kim, from South Korea, is representing the Region of Asia and the Pacific. Sun Woo is actively involved in oil recycling projects used in the city of Seoul. She has been raising awareness on the advantages of recycling cooking oil, especially in her neighborhood, and has installed appropriate bins in order to motivate her neighbors. Her campaign not only addresses the problem of water pollution created by careless oil disposal, but also how recycled oil can be used as an alternative energy resource.

Katherine LiuKatherine Liu, from the United States, is representing the Region of North America. In school and at home, she actively recycles, reduces wastes and saves energy. Katherine is also in Girl Scouts, where she engages in many community projects with her troop. Katherine often expresses conservation of the environment through art and spreads it to the schools of her region. Katherine is 11 years old and is a 7th grader at Redwood Middle School, Saratoga, California.

Nour El-MoftiNour El-Mofti, from Lebanon, is representing the Region of West Asia. Since she was six years old, Nour’s hobby has been to recycle old newspapers, used paper, and water bottles and to transform them into pet-shaped safes. She’s always admired tree planting in her country and has therefore planted trees and supported those who do whenever she had the possibility to do so. In total, she has helped with the planting of approximately 15,000 conifer trees, always trying to concentrate them where there is the fewest number of trees. Nour is also representing the Sawa Association for Development. Nour is 12 years old and is an 8th grader at her school.

Jahmali BridgewaterJahmali Bridgewater, 12 years old, is representing the Region of Europe. He is the founder of the GreenKids Environmental club, and is also the youth leader for the Bermuda Environmental Alliance (B.E.A). Jahmali has written a book entitled Growing Green: My Environmental Journey and has also written an inspirational environmental song, Green Revolution. You can find his blog on the B.E.A website.

Sebastian Jamie Riviero DavilaSebastian Jamie Riviero Davila, 12 years old, is representing the Region of Latin America and the Caribbean. He is an active environmentalist and is participating in various projects. He is helping organizing a network to sensitize in the preservation of biodiversity in different habitats around the world, by creating an internet site and web-network in collaboration with children in Italy. With his school, Sebastian is participating in the “Plant for the Planet” campaign by supporting groups of indigenous children to plant trees in the highlands. He has also helped organize and participated in a march taking place in Cochabamba, where he is originally from, whose aim is to raise awareness among young people on environmental issues such as air pollution and biodiversity

Tao KgosiemangTao, from Botswana, is representing the Region of Africa. He currently is an active environmentalist working under Environmental Online (ENO) http://eno.joensuu.fi. His activities take place through a school sponsored tree planting and malaria eradication project under the mentorship of Global Youth Alliance Botswana, an NGO that furthers the interests of the young and youths in environmental conservation and promotion of health for all. Tao is 12 years old and is the first of three siblings.

Annie CollinsAnnie Collins (11), from Canada, will represent the North American Region on the Junior Board. Annie is involved in gathering youth opinions on environmental issues and disseminating these opinions in various ways to promote change.

Felix FinkbeinerFelix Finkbeiner (10), from Germany, will represent the European Region. Felix is actively involved in a tree planting project in Germany, Trees for Climate Justice.See his Plant for the Planet Website

Yugratna SrivastavaYugratna Srivastava (12) of India joined the 2008-2010 Junior Board and she is representing the Asia and the Pacific Region. Yugratna is actively involved in a city greening project that plants trees in urban.

Jessica El-HillaryJessica El-Hillary of Lebanon will represent the West Asia Region. Jessica is involved in a tree planting project that aims to plant 1 million trees in Lebanon.

Francesco GovenderFrancesco Govender (10) is working to help the environment by spreading the message about planting tress on your birthday. In 2009, Francesco hosted the exciting African Children's Conference on the Environment in Durban, South Africa. More than 150 children from 13 different African countries attended. Hosting the conference took much time This year he will be visiting some of the schools that participated to view their work/projects.

Gyu Seon LeeThe Host Country for the 2010 Tunza ICCE will be South Korea. Gyu Seon Lee (11) will join the Junior Board to represent South Korea, where she is actively involved in reducing food wastes.

Ha Jung JinSouth Korea will also be represented by Ha Jung Jin (11) on the new Junior Board. Ha Jung works actively in her school to decrease food wastes

Jin Ho HuhJin Ho Huh (13) will be one of the four new Junior Board members chosen to represent the host country, South Korea. Jin's environmental project is about making and using your own bags in order to reduce use and to recycle products.

Yong Sun Kim Yong Sun Kim (12), from South Korea, will be joining the new 2008-2010 Junior Board. Yong is actively involved in a river preservation/restoration project.

Maiken HamalubaMaiken Hamaluba (11) of Botswana will be joining the new Junior Board representing the African Region. Maiken is involved in a school sponsored tree planting project.

Juan Ignacio Ordoñez Juan Ignacio Ordoñez (12) from Argentina represents Latin America and the Caribbean on the Junior Board. He is interested in issues pertaining to sustainable lifestyles and is a member of Red Ambiental.

Samuel Juan AzucenaSamuel Juan Azucena from Phillipines: President of the Friends of the Seven Lakes Foundation (FSLF) Kids/Youth, a children's environmental group in the city; Participates in lake clean-up and tree-planting activities and in ocular inspections of the watershed; Joins in the FSLF Kids/Youth peace parade and in eco-camps; Speaks on behalf of FSLF Kids/Youth on environmental issues/concerns

Helga AnfinsenNaylee Nagda from Kenya: Create environmental awareness through Art; Recycling of plastic and paper; Writing articles on Environmental Issues and publishing the Environment magazine for my school.

Nour El-MoftiHelga Anfinsen from Norway: Sorting garbage at home and at school, some of which is used for recycling; Member of the Norwegian Trekking Association (www.turistforeningen.no), Norway's biggest outdoor activities organisation, offering a large hiking trail network with cottages all over Norway.

Clara SimpsonClara Simpson from Canada: Recycling and composting at home, cleaning up trails and streams in our city, planting trees and encouraging others to do the same. My current project involves helping to re-establish the bur oak tree which is endangered in our area. We have planted over 300 trees and produced a brochure to help naturalists and land owners to recognize the tree, its habitat and the importance of protecting them.

Haakon Bore HaalandHaakon Bore Haaland from Norway: Recycling, tree planting, sorting of waste/garbage

Hanna EikaasHanna Eikaas from Norway: Recycling at home and at school

Daniela MelendezDaniela Melendez from Colombia: Restoration of pine forest, humus generation, tree planting, recycling

Guy Bebeto NindoreraGuy Bebeto Nindorera from Burundi: I am President and Founder of an association of children friends of the Nature in Burundi. I also deal with disaster reduction through the Youth Strategy for Disaster Reduction (YSDR).

Ammar Hussain AliAmmar Hussain Ali from The Kingdom Of Bahrain: Made the longest board of environmental cards with my family; formed an environmental group in my city called Al Muharraq to clean our roads, which has 150 members. Some of our activities include cleaning various areas in small groups.

Bradley Michael LewisBradley Michael from Australia: Forestry project at school, individual tree planting, recycling aluminium cans for collection, frog species habitat protection, eradication of cane toads

Kristian Magnus ØienKristian Magnus Øien from Norway:Reducing the usage of electricity for heating purposes. Recycling of used paper at school and at home. Picking up garbage in school, both indoors and in outdoors recreational areas. Using nature for different recreational activities - I try to go hiking or run orienteering as often as I can!

Nathan SutcliffeNathan Sutcliffe from The United Kingdom:Working in collaboration with the local Forestry Commision and Lea Hughes, a project ranger, to contact local schools and groups to set up working parties to clear scrub and Rhoderdendron bushes from a previous copper mine and coniferous woodland. These will be replaced by over 300 trees by 2008; Plan to put in public footpaths, picnic areas and information boards in the area

Chui Hoi Ting AngelChui Hoi Ting Angel from China: I run an Environmental Group in my school called the Green Team. It deals mostly with the problems provoking the environment. The team tries its best to make a better place to live in. I Say: The rivers,the lakes the oceans are sick and dying. We are the ones that could heal them. Let us unite and cure our waters.If they die we die too.

Arwa OmaryArwa Mary from Lebanon:Planting trees and energy conservation

Jes Ebrahim IzaidinJes Ebrahim Izaidin from Malaysia: Planning, participating and implementing my school's integrated environmental and animal conservation program as well as river monitoring and cleaning, garbage management, tree planting, turtle watching and beach cleaning. I Say: Remember, as children, we should make a big difference TODAY, for our own TOMORROW. Let's do it

Nikolaos TheofilidisNikolaos Theofilidis from Greece: Voluntary beach cleanups, recycling programs represented the Dodecanese at the HELMEPA Junior Board of Representatives

Ranjani DharmarajanRanjani Dharmarajan from Kenya: Tree planting, charity walks, campus cleaning, environmental painting, environmental club member, environmental prefect of school. I Say: Anything we do, however small it may be, should be environmentally responsible

Jessie MehroffJessie Mehroff from USA: Project SEARCH a water testing, and plant and animal identification project for the improvement of the rivers of Connecticut, active leader and co-founder of TUNZA Environment Club at my school, developed an interactive environmental website - http://www.youngenviros.org, planning to start an international Environmental E-magazine. I Say: I certainly hope that I am making an impact, and that our generation will take great care of Mother Earth.

Hana Shazwin Azizan Hana Shazwin Azizan from Malaysia: Tree planting, planning, executing and implementing environmental activities and programmes for teenagers in my community, in addition to river monitoring and cleaning, waste management, recycling organization, turtle watching and beach cleaning. I Say: Every little thing we do accumulates into something far greater, and this means that we cannot ignore the smallest detail when it comes to protecting the earth. We should start at home and spread the lifestyle of conservation to the people around us for a better future.

Syaza SalemSyaza Salem from Malaysia: Turtle watch, bird watch, river monitoring, recycling activities, jungle walk, environmental camp, tree planting activities. I Say: It is our responsibility to take care of the environment every time no matter what. We should start doing the right thing from now. Stop the pollution, find a solution

Alejandro BermudezAlejandro Bermudez from Colombia: Restoration of pine forest, humus generation

Oyatogun OluwafumilayoOyatogun Oluwafumilayo from Nigeria: Tree planting and fish pond management.

Alexander LinAlexander Lin: Video games and real-time strategy games, water skiing, badminton, fishing, boating, snorkeling, table tennis and football.

Jarrod Christopher CouttsJarrod Christopher Coutts: Listening to music, the environment, reading, horticulture, softball, basketball and swimming.

Ritsuya Kishida Ritsuya Kishida: Soccer/violin/ nature watch

Kazuaki TeshimaKazuaki Teshima: Watching sports,Playing volleyball

Shoko TakahashiShoko Takahashi: To play and listen to music, play volleyball.

Jay Pradip Shah Jay Pradip Shah