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Over 100 Countries Represented

The TUNZA Conference will bring together 1400 young people, representing over 100 of the world's nations. They will discuss their role and duties towards sustainable development, with particular relation to the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio +20.

Green Conference

The conference will be green in a number of ways; journeys between conference sites and hotels will be taken by foot or bicycle, metal water bottles will be handed out to reduce plastic use, and to offset carbon emissions from the conference and air travel, participants will take part in tree-planting activities in Bandung, and at their home communities.

2011 - Year of Forests

The TUNZA conference for children and youth will contribute towards the United Nations Year of Forests (2011). The youth have a personal responsibility towards conserving forests through sustainability, and a great duty to influence and share knowledge with peers. This will be a major aspect of the conference, aimed at creating a greener environment through the youth.

20 Years of Children's Painting Competition

2011 is the 20th edition of the International Children's Painting Competition. To mark the UN's International Year of Forests in 2011, the theme of this year's painting competition is 'Life in the Forests'. The competition is open to children between the ages of 6 -14. The winners of the global painting competition will be rewarded on the TUNZA International Children & Youth Conference on the Environment that will take place in September 2011.


Young People Representing Half the Planet Campaign to Make Rio+20 a Green Economy Hit

Bandung, Indonesia, 1 October 2011 - While some UN conferences can become over-preoccupied with commas and square brackets, young people from across the globe today underlined their singular and committed preoccupation-action to save and fast track a future for planet Earth.

The delegates, representing all the regions of the world and over 100 countries, were in Bandung, Indonesia, for a unique five-day event that has also put the final touches to children and youth's requests to governments attending the Rio+20 conference in Brazil next year.
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UNEP Children and Youth Conference Spotlights Job Opportunities in a Green Economy

Urgently bridging the skills gap among young people through improved education and training will be one of the keys towards delivering a global Green Economy.

The claim was made today at the opening of the Tunza International Conference for Children and Youth taking place in Bandung, Indonesia, with over 1,400 young participants.
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Young Reporters Quiz Achim Steiner at Tunza Children & Youth Conference

UNEP Executive Director, on the future of sustainable development and the Arab Spring, as part of the hit show, "Hayat Al Tahrir", which means "Life of Freedom" in Arabic.

The show is watched by millions of young people across the Arab region and the world. It is presented by young anchors from Egypt, Tunis, Qatar, Sudan, Algeria and Syria.
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13-Year-Old Artist from Philippines Wins UNEP International Children's Painting Competition

A love of walking in forests in her home country of the Philippines inspired the winning entry of 13-year-old Trisha Co Reyes in the 2011 International Children's Painting Competition on the Environment.

Trisha's entry shows a young girl pulling back a large grey curtain covered in images of dying trees in a polluted landscape, to reveal a colorful forest filled with abundant wildlife. She says the painting is an appeal for people to appreciate the value of forests and to encourage them to plant trees.
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Remarks by Achim Steiner at the Opening Session of the Tunza International Children and Youth Conference

Many of you are, unlike me, far too young to remember the Rio Earth Summit of 1992-indeed many of you were probably-almost certainly-yet to be born.

But in so many ways what happened nearly 20 years ago has brought us all together here today in this wonderful City Forest of Bandung, Java.

For in 1992 the leaders of the world, civil society, businessmen and woman, youth leaders and children just like you and from across the globe came together with a sense of purpose, a vision and some really smart ideas to make this a better world.

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Success Stories

Music has been described as the universal language and is frequently used to focus attention on important global issues. That is why it is important for Ta’Kaiya Blaney, a young Canadian girl of aboriginal descent who is using music to bring attention to pressing environmental concerns. read more