ROAP (Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific)


Linh Do is the founder of Change & Switch, a grassroots organization. She is active in attending environmental activities including Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's 2020 Youth Summit. She was honored the VCAA VCE Achiever of the Year and Maribyrnong’s Young Citizen of the Year, and was also trained by Al Gore’s climate project.


Belal Hossain was instrumental in encouraging his community to use land for a tree plantation. Together with other energetic youth, they convinced the local administrative and political leaders to implement the project.


Fourteen year old Nguyen Bich Van encourages sustainable lifestyles through sharing funny images of environmental problems to help people understand the impact of their actions and to be more environmentally aware.  


Linglan Zhao, the president of Lvmeng Resources and Environment Protection Association in Beijing Institute of Technology, launched a book-recycling project for each incoming session of firstyear students. “We build a platform for the students in higher grade and the new students. New students can get books for free from the older students. This is a good way of teaching how to save and recycle.”

Yuhan Rao is part of “Green Candle Roots & Shoots”, a youth environmental association in Beijing Normal University. Activities have included discouraging the use of plastic bags and  encouraging sustainable use of resources and saving energy.“

Method to reuse used paper

Lu Li, from Tongji University, has organized numerous recycling activities.  She also encouraged the use of a new method to whiten paper pulp, for which she received a city lever award.

Liu Mengxing, from Peking University in China, has continually and successfully developed series of environmental education programmes to promote garbage classification and encourage use of non-plastic bags in the 12 communities in Beijing.  Last year she was awarded the Best Green Messenger.


Justin Hickes, a 15-year old youth, travels to school everyday along the Colo-i-Suva forest road, and was concerned with the huge piles of rubbish appearing each morning. He encouraged everyone to kick this dirty habit and create and good, clean, healthy working and living environment for future generations.


Vinay Sabbithi works with the Association for Environment Conservation Advocacy & Solutions (AECAS). He has organized several seminars and competitions for students and youth on the environmental issues.


Vania Santoso is Indonesian Environment Envoy who first participated in the Tunza International Children and Youth Conference in 2006. One of her successful projects was making alternative energy through a box cooker to cook food supported by sun light. This allows for conserving natural resources, reducing air pollution, saving costs, and producing better food.

Syahroni advocates for sustainable energy and agriculture through research. He is also a volunteer in community development for management of rubbish in his surroundings.

Fery Hadi Mulyadi joined the Indonesian Institute for Forest and Environment (RMI) a year ago. He developed RMI's organic farming programme, under supervision of the Directorate of Environmental Education and Gender Equity. The programme is also being offered in Kampung PENDING (RMI's training center for environmental education). More than 400 participants have participated. Fery is also initiating a consultancy programme with farmers in an upstream area of Cisadane River.

 Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Mohitpour Melika and his friends advocate for addressing climate change issues, and specifically on educating students on the human impacts on climate change and weather.


Hirotaka Matsui is the leader of an environmental youth camp which gathered overa 100 students in a two-day camp to discuss environmental issues and solutions.   Wataru Miyazaki successfully established the “ COCO ka PECO” in December 2007 and aims to education people on environmental problems through cooperative learning.


Olga Varganova heads the youth wing of the public association “Reflection”. Olga has conducted research on the "Public involvement and support of civil society in the implementation of the Aarhus Convention". Since 2002, she has also been an organizer of events to inform and educate peers on ecological actions.

 Lao People's Democratic Republic

Sengphaathith Phouthamaly is a member of the volunteer group called Social Educational Environment and Development (SEED) which participates in environmental events such as World Biodiversity Day, World Environment Day, cycling activities, and planting. She also participated in the Youth Environment Forum in Thailand in 2008 on the topic "You(th) can save the climate".


Brian Chan wanted to solve an environmental pollution problem in his high school in 2008. He found that drains near the canteen were always filthy and frequently clogged due to waste mismanagement by the canteen operators. He collaborated with environmental experts outside of school to install a filtration system for the drains and gave waste management tips to the operators. Clear water was soon flowing in those drains. He spread his idea to other schools through a guidebook and encouraged fund raising.


Davaajargal Batdorj is a core member of TUNZA-NEAYEN.  On World Water Day 2009, she worked to provide others with information, educated the youth and provided water to people who needed it. She also helps with translation of UNEP’s TUNZA magazine.


Ratnesh Shashi advocates for better use of natural resources.  He was involved in a project with CEPHED (Center for Public Health and Environmental Development).

Bhuwan K.C. is the initiator of the Change the Bulb Campaign which is aimed at energy conservation through promotion of energy efficient technologies like Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFLs). An estimated 500 bulbs have been replaced since the start of the project, and awareness has been raised among 2500 households. Currently the campaign is planning to develop an energy friendly village and a Youth Carbon Fund. 


Mirza Mubashir initiated a Green TIRE campaign in his city to reduce pollution. He is also an active supporter of UNEP’s Billion Tree Campaign.

Kaleem Ahmad works to improve the environment of women and children, especially those affected by disasters and/or displacement. His area of focus is on improving access to water and sanitation, educating street and working children and emergency relief.


Sapuay Reuben James, an 11-year old, works to raise the level of awareness of children on issues concerning our environment. Together with members in his organization, he has conducted seminars on environmental topics such as water conservation and solid waste management. He has also participated in global environmental activities such as Clean Up the World Weekend and Clean Up the Philippines. He and his friends have also conducted environmental fund-raising activities such as collecting recyclables which are sold to junk dealers who take these recyclable wastes to recyclers.


Fruean Brianna Marissa intends to initiate a “Car Pool Drive” at her school by requested parents to organize car pooling for students. This programme would allow for reduced fuel emissions and help conserve the use of petrol.


Choo Pei Ling successfully raised the project PACT (Promise to Act against Climate-change Threat), which aims to generate learning, interest in and thinking about climate change. This project is supported by the National Youth Achievement Award Council and the National Environment Agency. An important part of the project is to support environment education amongst kindergarten children.

Sri Lanka

Anoka Abeyrathne has completed a study on pollution of the Bolgoda Lake, formulated an action plan that could be implemented by stakeholders, and planted 12,000 mangrove trees in the wetlands of the Bolgoda Lake. The aim of the project is to prevent the wetlands from being destroyed, whilst at the same time supporting farmers to minimise the use of the pesticides and encouraging farmers to use organic farming.


Svetlana Unru has been involved in the implementation of an international School Project on the Application of Resources and Energy (SPARE) in Tajikistan. The project focuses on energy saving, and promotion of using alternative energy sources. Furthermore, it aims to raise awareness amongst school children on energy consumption and global environmental problems.


Weerakan Kengkaj (from Rotract Club Chiang Mai University) works to encourage environmental sanitation. He has built two toilets and a tank for a Karen hill tribe at Mae Cham district, in the south of Chiangmai. The next plans are to build a school, a kitchen and more toilets.


Povarich Aleksandra presented on behalf of youth part in protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development during the second regional youth meeting. She also organized the seminar “My own contribution in size of one degree Celsius” for students.


Manh Song Cao is a dynamic leader of the Bayer Young Environmental Envoys (BYEE) Club, who inspires members with new ideas to protect the environment. He has been raising ideas about cleaning the rivers in Hanoi, cycling for the environment, and co-operating with other clubs in activities. Lately, the BYEE Club has organizing a monthly programme for educating children about environment issues, with Cao designing the programme, contactings schools, and delivering messages and presentations.