ROWA (Regional Office for West Asia)


Shaikha Ahmed Alolaiwi is an active delegate in University of Bahrain Students' Delegations. She was nominated to represent UOB in the first Environmental Conference for Students in The Arabian Gulf and presented her project titled "The extinction threat of the natural culture ".

Roaya Tareq is an active member of the Environmental Citizenship Program that comes under Bahrain Women Association. In the last two years Roaya and team have cooperated with the Ministry of Education in Bahrain in order to deliver workshops to schools and kindergarten to help children and teens have more understanding about environmental issues. They have covered topics including sustainable consumption, the Earth Charter and environmental friendly attitudes.


Sara Sheyyab works on a project aiming to improve the water situation in Jordan by exploring new methods of increasing water sources, while using available water supplies in the most efficient way possible. Her involvement in this project will be applied through sharing of information, education services, and school activities. In this site project, she will implement the reuse of grey water after its treated, which is recognized as an important water resource.


Adnan Ammache started a club with three other students after attending a Tunza conference.  The club now has 17 members who work enthusiastically on environmental awareness raising, including educating parents and peers on the importance of individuals is persevering the planet. The two main projects are: an awareness-raising campaign on recycling batteries, and a plastic and paper recycling project encouraging students to use recycling bins properly.

Mirna Haidar is active in promoting women rights and youth empowerment. Most recently she participated is the Arab Climate Policy workshop held at the American University of Beirut where over 50 local and international policymakers gathered.


Mustafa Al-Suayrafi participated in youth summer camp in Egypt for cleaning and environmental services. The camp was organized by Arab Union for Youth and Environment.

Syrian Arab Republic

Merna Shahin and Julie Mate work with Syrian Environment Protection Society (SEPS) on projects that encourage children to become actively involved in environmental projects.  Activities include: several campaigns and environmental awareness clean-ups, tree plantings, awareness-raising seminars and recycling projects.

United Arab Emirates

Jamal Alfalasi, a 22-year old from United Arab Emirates, went on an expedition to Antarctica with 24 scientists and 80 students from around the world. This amazing journey made Jamal see the beauty of Antarctica,  the direct effect humans are having on the continent and how it effects human’s society directly. “It is a great opportunity to meet youth who share the same interests from all over the world”, Jamal told us excitedly. “And it’s a very important conference this year, because it leads up to Copenhagen (COP15), so it would be the place to put together the voices of the youth in a global youth statement.” As the Tunza Youth Advisor for West Asia, Jamal has been largely involved in environmental activities and stayed in Tunza for two years. When asked about any suggestions to youth all over the globe, Jamal said, “Let’s learn more and read more, know what is going on around you, we do not live in a bubble; let’s not allow let history repeat itself.”

Asmaa Alkabe is involved in a variety of environmental activities including organizing electronic e-litter activities, participating in youth discussions on the best environment ideas, organizing an Environment Camp and presenting a global warming workshop to the Dubai Petroleum Company Competition. 


Wail Al-Shami is dedicated to preserving the biodiversity of the island of Socotra, which is home to a variety of vegetation and birds. The island was recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as a world natural heritage site in July 2008.