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Celebrating Guyana's Rich Biodiversity
North Rupunini Youth Support Wildlife Management Projects 

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How can 8-year-old children become integrally involved in wildlife management in one of the last four remaining pristine tropical forests, home to one of the world’s highest levels of biodiversity? Through the North Rupunini District’s Junior Wildlife Clubs of Guyana, the Makushi youth of the district play a larger role in the conservation of their traditional land.

The Wildlife Clubs were created in 2000 through a partnership of the Iwokrama International Centre and the North Rupunini District Development Board. The clubs involve youth as an integral part of existing wildlife management and monitoring programs through hands-on experience. The “Annual Wildlife Conservation Festival” brings together 250 ecologically aware youths to celebrate the rich biodiversity of Guyana and promote the values of conservation and sustainability through performances and educational activities.

By involving youth in wildlife management, the region is preparing for the future and ensuring the continuity of natural resource management programmes.