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Make use of waste!

Young people launch the 'Culture, Clean and Development Campaign' to encourage recycling of waste

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Mona Arslan


On Saturday, 23 December, 2006, a group of youth representing different NGOs such as Rotaract, Leo, and Resala, launched a mega-campaign under the title "Culture, Clean and Development Campaign" to spread awareness of cleaning and recycling within the community. The campaign took part at Alex, Assiut, AUC, Gezira Sporting Club, Heliopolis and New Maadi. The idea of the campaign was to make use of waste, rather than dumping it. 

The campaign was aimed at fostering the behaviour of recycling among people and promoting environmental activities and anti-pollution acts, in cooperation with orphans, disabled children as well as homeless children. 'Our main aim is to learn how to reuse our waste and in the process help needy people', said Mona Arslan, Professional Committee Head, Alex Cosmo Rotaract. The Launch of the campaign included a lecture and workshop facilitated by Ms. Noha Al-Ahl, Recycled Arts Instructor Founder & Director, Studio 206, Egypt. 

Join us in making our dream come true!