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Preventing Pollution: Protecting The Environment 
Two students from Vivekanandha Higher Secondary School, Pondicherry, India, take action to save the environment 
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Saravana Kumaran is a student in the Ninth standard in Vivekanandha Higher Secondary School. Her aim is to prevent pollution, avoid producing air emissions, water discharge, or land disposal of pollutants. In her effort to protect the environment, Saravana has kept her septic tank in good condition and does not pour chemicals down the drain that could harm its operation. She ensures that waste oil and fluids from vehicles are properly disposed of. She has promised to purchase products with less packaging, use recyclable cardboard, glass, plastic packaging, aluminum, tin cans, and newspapers. Further, Saravana will examine the amount of water the school uses each day to see if it can be reduced and will also take an active interest in local issues related to pollution. 

Kavitha G. is a student in the Eleventh standard in Vivekanandha Higher Secondary School. At 15 years old, she is a member of the National Green Corps (NGC) in Pondicherry, through which she has planted many beneficial trees. She has created awareness in the area on the ozone-depleting Freons, which are found in refrigerators. Kavitha will encourage people to avoid sprayers which contain Chlorofluorocarbons(CFC) and to avoid using polythene bags. She has promised to find alternate resources.