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Saving The Environment

Student pledges to save the environment 
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Kalaiarasi G. is a 17year old studying Bachelor of Pharmacy at the Mother Theresa Institute of Health Sciences, Pondicherry, India. She has participated in the UNEP Planet for the Planet: The Billion Tree Campaign and promises to care for the environmental atmosphere and to create environmental awareness among students. Kalaiarasi wants to put a full-stop to Global Warming by making the environment free from harmful radiations! 

She has, so far, been able to manage the pollution caused by motorbikes through the use of unleaded petrol. It has been found that the planting of trees is very useful in reducing air pollution caused by Dry Fly Ash and Coal Dust from Coal Handling Systems. Proper Dumping of non-biodegradable materials must be adopted. Smoke emission must be treated and Test Certificates should be given to motorcycle owners who adhere to the standards. Nuclear explosions and disposal of radioactive waste should also be banned. 

The smoke envelops the index environment and several steps such as cleaner fuels, improved stoves and better ventilation may be taken to reduce indoor or domestic air pollution. The possible reuse or recycle of treated sewage effluent and industrial waste should be emphasized and encouraged. 

Kalaiarasi has promised to avoid using Polythene bags, and instead find alternate resources.