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Youth Helping Youth 
Young people seek to save forests
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New Hope Youth Group is a youth group that was formed with an aim to help the youth curb the problems affecting them, such as joblessness. The population of the youth in the area is about 800 but less than a hundred are active i.e. registered as members. It has only 40 who are registered and active members. 

The organization is currently undertaking a Tree Planting Project which was selected because of the deforestation near riverbanks, soil erosion in sloppy areas, air pollution, reduction of forest cover in large forests e.g. Ngong and Karura Forests, the high demand of tree seedlings to replenish much needed tress, and also because of the many untapped human and natural sources.

New Hope Youth Group recommends: 

  • Planting of more trees per year and selling at an affordable price
  • Community training in the importance of tree planting
  • Encouraging planting of trees near riverbanks and water catchment areas
  • Encouraging people to find an alternative fuel for cooking and construction. e.g. kiln bricks
  • Planting of trees that take a shorter to time to grow. e.g. Grevelea and Giant Bamboo (Dendroculumuas giagantica) 
  • Keep with the law:Cut one tree, plant two or more to replace it. 

We expect the project to do well because of the availability of human and natural resources and also a stable political environment. We hope that the project will help preserve our forest cover, raise the standard of our environment to a cleaner and better environment, and also raise the global forest coverage as stipulated by the United Nations Environment Programme of 10% of the land cover.

The goals of the project are to increase Kenya's forest cover, to help curb deviance and crime in our community by creating jobs, to encourage the use of available resources positively and to the maximum and to provide alternative sources of raw material e.g. products from the Giant Bamboo. 

The project's objectives are to have a greener, cleaner and better environment, to change the community's negative perception towards the young people in the community, and to improve our economy, social life and health by creating jobs for the benefit of all within a short period of time.

The organisation is effectively run by a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Assistant Secretary and four committee members who all help in running of the group’s activities.