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Latin America and the Caribbean Events

“For Cleaner Air, We Demand Sulphur-Free Fuel”
A Youth Campaign pioneered by Comité Ambiental Juvenil 
(Youth Environmental Committee)

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The Youth Environmental Committee of Peru (Comité Ambiental Juvenil CAJU) is a network of environmental youth organizations in Peru who united in order to implement activities that favor conservation and fight pollution.

The committee has participated in various national activities, of which the most recent was the “Inter-American Clean Air Day”. During this event, we spoke directly with drivers of low-occupancy vehicles to explain the negative effects of the high sulphur content in the fuel, which include ecological harm and damage to their own vehicle. 

Drivers responded well to the campaign, since they perceived CAJU members as young people interested in protecting the environment. A large, decentralized campaign is being developed where provincial representatives of CAJU will participate actively. In this way, we hope that the Peruvian government will stop importing fuel with high sulphur content. This could be achieved through the support of an informed population, which we are on the way to mobilizing.