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Europe Events

Protecting Mountain Forests in Sweden
European activists join hands against 
               the destruction of mountain forests in Sweden                   

In early 1992, the European Youth Forest Action group and a group known as FURA from Sweden, in collaboration with other groups such as the Women’s Environmental Network of the United Kingdom, launched an international boycott against some Swedish forest companies. The activities of these companies threatened the destruction of mountain forests in Sweden. The aim of the activists was to stop the cutting of mountain forests in one of the last wilderness areas of Europe. 

The boycott proved to be a simple but effective strategy when it was successfully backed up by consumers. In December 1992, almost all of the big forest companies in Sweden decided to stop logging in mountain forests. One of the companies made a public announcement that this decision was taken as a result of the international boycott. The Swedish forest and paper industry was shaken by the threat of losing its European consumers. The mountain forests were saved.