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North America Events

Against all Odds; Action for Climate Change
Despite the US Government's decision not to sign the Kyoto 
Protocol, American students take action for clean energy
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American students have decided to act in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, despite the US Government's decision in March 2001 not to sign the Kyoto Protocol. The United States’ decision not to ratify the Kyoto Protocol, the global climate treaty, meant that the United States would not be held accountable by the international community to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But young people in America decided to take action, despite the position of their government.

In late 2001, some students decided to make their college campuses leading examples of clean energy and sustainability nationally. After six months of relentless student pressure, and with support from the Greenpeace Clean Energy Now Campaign, the largest network of colleges in the US, the Los Angeles Community College District, voted unanimously to adopt the strongest `green’ building plan ever agreed upon by a college or university. The plan will ensure that 40 to 50 new buildings will meet the highest environmental standards. Thus, as a result of a single four-month long student movement, the number of green buildings will nearly quadruple, from 10 to 40. This is expected to spur rapid expansion of renewable energy industries. This student victory is inspiring youth all over the United States to replicate similar clean energy and green building campaigns.