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North America Events

Green Teens Clean Up the World
"Clean Up the World Weekend"
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Clean Up the World Weekend is a great time for environmental clubs all over the world to take action and help heal Mother Earth. Green Teens U.S.A., an E. O. Smith High School environmental club, will be participating in an environmental "Family Fun Day" event during this weekend to show our support. On September 16th, 2007 Green Teens will plant two, native, Sugar Maple Trees in Ashford Memorial Park (Connecticut, U.S.A.). These trees will signify planting a new seed of inspiration and helping grow a more environmental community. The club hopes to get a large tree planting completed (like the one held at the Wetlands Park in Putrajaya, Malaysia), but until we can find the room we hope to hold more, small events like this. The symbolic tree planting will take place at 4 p.m. Eastern Time at the park. Green Teens will give a speech on how important planting trees are, and how each and every one can help our environment. We will also be reading a poem called "Waiting for a Message" by Rochelle Mass about the wonders of trees. 

Green Teens will also be holding another Eco-Bag booth at Family Day on the 16th of September. Here families can purchase cloth bags, decorate their own cloth bags, and learn more about the importance of using Eco-Bags. We hope this booth will inspire many community members to begin using Eco-Bags, drastically reducing the number of plastic and paper bags consumed in our area daily. The booth will help raise money to sustain the club and spread our name. We feel that our booth will reach out to members of every age group in the community because young children will be inspired to create their own cloth bags, which they will then be proud to use. Adults can purchase a "Paper or Plastic? Neither!" bag from the club, or a plain cloth bag. These bags are much more efficient than the plastic or paper bag. 

Green Teens will help Clean Up the World on September 16th, 2007 by planting two trees and hoping to inspire community members to plant many more. The club will also be educating the public on the importance of using cloth bags instead of paper or plastic because we believe that education is a key to success. If we can show the good Eco-Bags do, we can help significantly reduce the number of paper and plastic bags used in our area and help our environment!