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Environmental Sustainability

Indigenous NGO sensitizes the community on ways to protect the environment 

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Nagawa Florence Mugerwa

At the Agency for Environment and Wetlands (AEW), different views were put forward on how to sustain the environment in Uganda, it was through this that a decision was made to start a project where members of the organization could sensitize people on how to protect the environment and the wetlands. This was the right move because in Uganda, environmental degradation is on the increase. 

The members outlined the topics that would be taught to people such as how to dispose of rubbish, the effects of environment degradation, how to protect the environment just to name a few. In this project, the target group was people in the urban and rural areas and schools. 

The organization also carried out general clean-ups in the markets and schools. Though some people were very adamant, through further persuasion they eventually responded positively to the call. With the help of other organisations such as the Environment Teacher's Association and the National Adult Education Association, AEW has done alot in educating the people.