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Advisory Council Members

Advisor: Yvonne Maingey
Country: Kenya
Organisation: Student at Hillcrest Preparatory School
Advisor: Humphrey Polepole
Country: Tanzania
Organisation: Secretariat Director for the Tanzania Youth Coalition (TYC) and the CEO for the Windows for Africa’s Development-Tanzania
Advisor: Ruth Mulenga
Country: Zambia
Asia and the Pacific
Advisor:  Alan Wu
Country: Australia
Organisation: Coordinater Wellspring, an Australian environmental advocacy group for young people 
Advisor: Sixuan L
Country: China
Organisation: TV host of Sichuan Provincial TV Station for the Youth Program
Advisor:  Lucia Wellington
Country: Australia
Organisation: I volunteer in various environmental campaigns 
Advisor:  Daniel Keum
Country: South Korea
Advisor: Tomislav Tomasevic
: Croatia
Organisation: Member of Green Action/ Friends of the Earth Croatia

Advisor: Nicole Meyer
Country: Bulgaria
Organisation: Board member of the World Student Community for Sustainable, Development, seed-sustainability and the Swiss youth parliament
Advisor:  Lars Appelquist
Country: Denmark
Organisation: International secretary for the Danish organization Nature and Youth
Advisor: Boryana Boneva
: Bulgaria
Latin America and the Carribean
Advisor: Camila Godinho
Country: Brazil
Organisation:Member of the Latin American Youth Community
Advisor: Kenneth Ochoa
Country: Colombia
Organisation: President of Environmental Youth Organization (Organización Juvenil Ambiental – OJA)
Advisor:Analiz Vergara
Country: Ecuador
Organisation:Working as part of Pioneers of Change Ecuador in diverse projects related to young people.

Advisor:Marina Mansilla
Country: Argentina
Organisation:Director of Peace Child Argentina


North America
Advisor: Noah Samuel Chesnin Country: USA
West Asia
Advisor: Lara El-Saad
Country: UAE
Organisation:Volunteer at Emirates Diving Association (EDA
Advisor: Hanan Rajab
Country: Bahrain
Organisation:Member of Bahrain Women’s Society
Advisor: Amal Al-Alaw
Country: Bahrain