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Advisor Profile


Linh Do completed her secondary education in 2008 as the overall VCAA VCE Achiever. She is currently doubling as an Arts student at the University of Melbourne, and as the Director of Change&Switch. She is currently studying International Politics, Environmental Studies, Anthropology and Economics. On the other hand, Change&Switch is an organisation that amalgamates environmental and social justice issues. It runs a number of innovative programs including Speak Your Mind and the Green our Schools Network. 

Having grown up in a sustainable family, Linh ran her first campaign ‘Change A Million Light Bulbs’ in 2006. Since then, this campaign has been run globally and changed legislation in a number of countries. Since then she has been trained by Al Gore and volunteers with organisations such as the Lord Somers Camp and Power House Association.

She works as a freelance public speaker and consultant to a number of schools, environmental organisations and community groups. 

Linh occasionally celebrates her half birthday, and regular birthday on 11 December, 1990. She is also a fan of indie music, witticisms, secret societies, conversation and photography.